The Processing of Intuition: Interview with Alexandra Navratil

This Formless Thing
Contributions by Esther Leslie, Natasha Ginwala, Mirjam Varadinis, Simona Ciuccio, Matthew Solomon, and Jelena Rakin
Roma Publications with Kunstmuseum Winterthur and SMBA, 2013

Re-published in Afterall Online as “Artists at Work: Alexandra Navratil”
September 30, 2013

The Processing of Intuition: Interview with Alexandra Navratil


Alexandra Navratil’s film and slide installations suggest an almost Warburgian drive to amass visual records of historical and political processes. She organises these collections not via iconography, but in accordance with self-fashioned typologies that question the economic, social and political implications of image production. In this discussion, Jennifer Burris and Navratil talk about the methodologies, influences and thinking behind the works Views (This Formless Thing) (2013), Modern Magic (2013) and Untitled (Animation) (2013). Taking the early years of the chemical industry as starting point, these three works divulge the interdependent histories of plastics, applied colour in film, colonial exchange and the magical fetishism of commodity production.

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